Scratch Coding for Kids

Scratch Coding for Kids

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Scratch is a graphical computer programming language used to create and share interactive stories, animations, games, science, music and art. It enables kids to express themselves and their ideas.   Being fluent in browsing, texting, chatting and gaming is similar to being able to read new technology, but they need to go further and be able to write with the new technology, this simply means they need to be able to write a computer program or code. As earlier mentioned one of the essential skills of the 21st century is the ability to read and write  with new technology that is coding. Coding in scratch simply put the code block together to instruct computer on what to do and control characters. As kids learn to code, it enables them to learn many things and open up different opportunities similar to when they learn to read and write.

When kids are learning code , they are well coding to learn, they are learning in a meaningful context and that is the best way of learning. The kids are learning new concepts, how to design, to experiment with new ideas, how to collaborate with other people, how to find and fix bugs when things go wrong,  and how to keep preserve in the face of frustration, these are important skills that are not just relevant for coding but for all life activities.

Course Goal

Students will learn the basics of computer programming, by creating fun and interactive games and stories. By the end of the Beginner course, students will know how to:

  • Use Scratch to create and share programs. 
  • Understand the basics of what a program is and how it works.
  • Control the flow of programs using if/then statements.
  • Iterate and repeat code using loops.
  • Cartesian x-y coordinate system, which is used to control objects on the screen.
  • Create and use variables to track data, such as the score in a game.
  • Detect when sprites (characters) in the program collide with each other.
  • Program sprites (characters) on the screen to move with the keyboard and mouse.
  • Use and create sounds.
  • Boolean logic (true/false).
  • As well as learn how to use Scratch broadcast events, custom code blocks, and more.

Course Expectations:

Students will feel confident in using computers and writing computer programs.  They will recognize their potential to create, design, and develop computer programs, animations, interactive stories, and games. Most importantly, this program will strengthen kid’s logical and problem solving skills which are useful in everyday life, in their studies (mathematics, science, etc), and in their future careers. Some of the skills that kids will learn in a fun and engaging manner include:

  • Mathematical Skills / Concepts 
  • Scratch Features
  • Curricular Links
  • Problem Solving, 
  •  XY Coordinates, 
  • Angles Glide, 
  • Turn Mathematics, 
  • Art 
  • Science 
  • Sequencing, 
  • Time Importing and Using Sounds Mathematics, 
  • Music
  • Time Importing pictures/ Editing pictures Mathematics
  • Time Using Pen Function / Repeated Drawing Mathematics, 
  • Variables, Time Variables, Sensing Mathematics, Art, Language
  • Sensing, 
  • Broadcasting Mathematics
  • Sequencing Operators

Coding Approach

    • Programs
      • During School Hour
      • After School Hour
      • Holiday Camps
    • Classes by Age
      • Age 4 – 6
      • Age 7 – 9
      • Age 10 – 12
      • Age 12 – 17
    • Programming Languages
      • Scratch
      • Snap
      • Python

Class Venue

56 Liberty Stadium Road, New Gra, Ibadan, Nigeria

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